We help business owners and corporate leaders to increase their personal resourcefulness and to liberate the potential of their business and people


  • Helping our clients plot their best course in a world of fast, broad and uncertain change
  • Creating business cultures in which your people can learn, grow and contribute
  • Supporting businesses to achieve sustainable returns


  • Professional Service – We are committed to facilitating you and your business to sustainable growth and meaningful change.
  • Enterprising Spirit – We have the courage to generate a healthy level of discomfort for our clients to ensure their personal, professional and business growth
  • Creating Value – We strive for value creation for our clients by eliciting new ways of thinking, institutionalising rigour and cultivating self-directed leadership


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It is my mission to help create meaning for people in their work by connecting who they are and what they want, to what they do.


Married to a man that rocks and mom to two amazing kids, I am an avid learner and an insatiable daydreamer. I love to work with forward-focused clients and to see them breakthrough from the torment of uncertainty to the joy of clarity. I support them with the jet fuel they need to achieve their success whether it is in their personal, business or professional lives.

I know that no one enjoys being stuck or being unable to move in the direction that will bring the most meaning to their lives. I am dedicated to helping my clients create and bring to life purposefulness in their lives and businesses. I help them create the motivation, processes and systems that support them to achieve their objectives in spite of the inevitable and overwhelming urges to give up on their dreams and go back to how things were.

With a career spanning the legal and retail industries, the non-profit sector and banking, I thoroughly enjoy working with business owners and senior leaders in complex organisations who are accountable and responsible for employee engagement, business culture, customer commitment and bottom-line performance. I know from first-hand experience how challenging it is to balance competing priorities and stakeholders and I understand what it takes to take action in spite of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt. Whether my clients are business leaders and owners wrestling with organisational and managerial complexities or whether they are simply people who want more from life, it is a privilege and an honour to help them learn how to manage their self-limiting beliefs and to step into their personal power and to overcome any challenges.

I enjoy getting to know my clients, and unexpectedly pulling them into uncharted territories is a delightful treat. My intuition blended with my ability to shift perspective allows others to successfully craft and bring their ideas to light. I have designed a coaching program that begins with establishing a foundation for each client in clarifying personal and professional values as well as creating a long-term vision. This insight, together with my client’s natural talents and learned skills create a potent mission through which they filter decision making