I love workbooks! They give me a chance to get the swirling thoughts out of my head and onto paper. They also give me a chance to think of things in a new and novel way, that on my own would never be possible. The magic of this is that it allows me to observe and evaluate my thoughts and ideas in a new and different way and to make decisions and choices for myself that would otherwise not be available to me or that would just paralyse me.

These workbooks come from the heart. And one of their main aims is to connect you with your heart. They’re designed to help you momentarily step away from the logic of your mind that tells you what can and what can’t be done and to make space for and to give a voice to your heart’s yearnings and the compass from your soul. Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing wrong with logic. The hope I have with these work books is to help you to reveal your heart’s yearnings and then to use the power of your logic to make those yearnings come to life.