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For most of us, our careers not only consume the lion’s share of our time and our focus, it also becomes an integral part of who we are and how we identify ourselves. So it’s no surprise that our careers are primary contributors to the quality of our lives. Surely then, to experience a great quality of life, we all aspire to have careers that are creative, inspiring, rewarding and driven by the contributions we make to society. To experience a great quality of life, it’s not enough for us to have jobs and careers through which we make ends meet. We see our careers as a vehicle to achieve a particular lifestyle. More importantly, we see our careers as a vehicle to give expression to our passions and inner essence, and to make a difference in the worlds in which we live.

The fact is that so many of us are tormented by our inability to identify our passion and as much as we are dying to make a difference, we just don’t know what that difference is. We make career decisions and investments with a deep lack of self-knowledge. We look to the external world for clues about what careers we should embark on and we eventually find ourselves disconnected from our inner essence and living someone else’s dream.

If only we could do something that fueled our passion and gave our lives meaning…..

If you want to find your passion and a career that you love, read on. I have some practical ideas from my own life experience to share with you. If not, skip to the next article.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard the expressions ‘Do what you love’ and ‘Pursue your Passion’. Sometimes I felt like I was hitting my head against a passion brick wall. I’d walk away with a sore head, but none the wiser about what or where my passion was.

Over time though, I’ve realised that pursuing one’s passion is a fairly modern concept. A luxury really. Leaping up along the tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy wasn’t something I had learnt about from my parents or grandparents. They were much more pre-occupied with putting food on the table and ensuring that I secured a life in which I would be employable and safe. So it’s thanks to them that I have a job that gets me what I need and it’s ironically also thanks to them, that I have spent, and continue to spend so much time pursuing my passion.

Now, and especially since becoming my own boss, I understand just how important it is for one to know what one’s passion is. It was Steve Jobs who said that having passion for what you do is important, for no other reason other than the fact that things become challenging and difficult and having passion for what you do it the only way keep going in a sustained way. It’s the difference between persevering and quitting. I have yet to hear other super successful person differ from this. Maybe they are onto something……, just maybe.

Another reason to do what you love is that the likelihood of you being great at it increases exponentially and so does the probability of you being successful. If its important to you, you will stick with, no matter how tough things get.

Doing what brings me joy has had an enormous impact on my health and sanity. The savagery of a dual existence being torn between work and life took its toll on me. My weight was insane. I was permanently exhausted, incredibly snappy and experienced lingering guilt of undefined origins. Now, instead of feeling torn between work and life, I see my work simply as part of my life and who I am.

Don’t get me wrong. Doing what you love is no panacea. Hard work is unavoidable if you want to succeed. I am just so much more motivated to press on and find all the internal resources I need to make things happen. And that’s when the magic happens. Seeing the fruits of your labour come to bear is simply the most exquisite experience. It’s where feelings of accomplishment and growth and expansion spills over in feelings of fulfillment, joy and abundance. That is when work is truly worthwhile.

Life is too short and too precious to not know what this feels like.

If you’re struggling to find your passion, don’t rush out and don’t organise a search party to find it. It’s not there. It’s inside of you and hinting at you all the time. Just stop to listen and observe.
Having contemplated my own passion in life with a desire to find my purpose, I have discovered a few practical steps to help guide my decision-making and direction in my professional pursuits. Try it. It might work for you.

Finding Your Passion is by first discovering what it is that you enjoy.

To discover what you love, write down the answers to the questions below:

1. If you had all the money you ever needed and had already vacationed, traveled everywhere you wanted to go and were back home with nothing to do, what would you do now? What would you do, if only for the fun and feeling of personal satisfaction it would provide?




2. If you could trade professional places with anybody you know or have ever witnessed, who would it be? Why? What aspect of their job or business appeals to you most? What other businesses have those same aspects?




3. When have you felt most alive, most accomplished and most satisfied in life? What were you doing? What about it gave you those feelings?




4. Don’t just think about the industry, product or job title–think about the function.
What functional things do you love doing? What are you doing when time disappears? When 3-hours feels like 30-minutes?




5. What are you uniquely good at? What comes naturally to you? What do you think is your special talent / gift / superpower?




I’ve known many people who thrive in several radically different industries, but those endeavors they’ve loved the most always centered around them doing relatively the same function.
Likewise, for myself, it doesn’t depend on what product I am working with or which industry I find myself in, it is the function that I got up every day to do. Its important to me to facilitate growth journeys for others and to facilitate their transformations. I have found joy doing this in various roles and contexts.

This is a BIG tip and significant distinction.

Focus on finding the function or the role you love to play, not the product or industry.
This infinitely expands your options and is the true source code to your passion.

Be as honest as possible. This is not an exam and this is not about comparing yourself to others. This is about unlocking your joy.
Don’t give the answers that would make you look cool to the world of social media, would impress your peers, or you think that others want to hear.

If you are 100% honest with yourself, you will be relieved by the clarity and the opportunity that your answers will bring.

Let me know how this works for you.

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