I call Bullshit!

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These are the musings of a hot woman. Not sexy hot.  (Sexy is sold separately). I mean H.O.T. Its 30 something ridiculous degrees, our flat-roofed house is now a microwave, and even the mosquitoes are lethargic. Good grief, its not even midday! Anyway, back to my musings... We love the heroics of the self made-man [...]

If not now, then when?

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Here Be Dragons “The re-invention of daily life means marching off our maps.” Once upon a time, long, long ago, maps were beautifully drawn and bore the inscription ‘Hic Sun Dracones’, Here be Dragons. To the extent that the world was known, it was safe to travel, and you got a green light. Beyond [...]


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Few things carry more power in our lives that what we say after the words, 'I am'. By itself, 'I am' bears testimony to our existence. What follows determines the condition of that existence. Everything that follows 'I am' 100% begins the creation of our reality. Despite its power, very few of us consciously know, [...]


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Bespoke adjective (of goods, especially clothing) made to order. “a bespoke suit” (of a trader) making bespoke items of clothing. “the bespoke tailors of Savile Row” (of a computer program) written or adapted for a specific user or purpose. “completely bespoke software systems” Have you ever experienced the bliss of wearing a well-made suit made [...]

You’ve Got the Power!

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If you're a 80's or 90's kid, you know Alley McBeal. Who can forget the dancing baby that she would conjure up when she was stressed or just needed a bit of oomph. And the soundtrack to her thoughts...that was cool. This is my version of that. I have a power word for each year. [...]

What do you Want?

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“If you don’t have a vision you’re going to be stuck in what you know. And the only thing you know is what you’ve already seen.” Iyanla Vanzant In a world consumed by soul destroying busyness, it becomes increasingly important to think about and plan for the future with imagination and wisdom by developing a [...]

Create Your Focus

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It's a new year, with new possibilities! Of course, new possibilities are upon us all the time. Its just that the new year is a special time of year for most of us. We take a break, reconnect and recalibrate and we are infused with hope and possibility. If this feels like what you're experiencing, [...]


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I love this time of the year! Don't you you!!! Maybe its the lazy mornings and the slow days. Maybe its the fact that there is little to no schedule regulating my life. It might have something to do with the sounds of kids splashing in water and running through sprinklers [sorry Capetonians. I know [...]